UK govt: Stop funding Drax’s green energy scam

Last year, the government gave Drax - the UK’s biggest ‘green’ energy company - over £2 million per day in subsidies. But our investigation has revealed that Drax’s green credentials are a scam.

Toxic fumes from Drax’s wood-chipping plants in the American deep south are endangering the health of poor and majority black communities. This is environmental racism.

Drax knows it’s a polluter but it doesn’t care. Instead it’s trying to cover up its crimes. It was fined millions for air pollution in 2020, and it’s just paid out millions more to make other toxic pollution lawsuits disappear.

Drax is also cutting down vast swathes of ancient forest in Canada - and burning the wood to create UK “green” energy, damaging ecosystems and emitting more CO2 than coal or gas alone.

It’s scandalous - the government subsidy is not only fuelling environmental racism and causing harm in America, it is also diverting money away from genuine solutions to the energy crisis. It’s time to pull the plug on Drax’s ‘green’ energy scam. Tell the government now.


To: The UK government

“End subsidies to Drax: UK taxpayers must not fund this destructive energy company.”

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