Boris Johnson: stop funding the Russian war machine, act on the climate crisis and rising energy bills.

While tanks roll into Ukraine, millions of pounds a day flow from the EU and the UK to Russia for gas.

Our dependence on gas to heat and power our homes is not only driving up bills and wrecking our climate - it’s also funding Putin’s wars. Boris Johnson has said he wants to end dependence on Russian gas. But to get off gas, the UK needs to boldly invest in energy infrastructure and it’s never been more clear that the moment to do that is now.

We need an emergency plan to insulate homes, replace gas boilers with heat pumps and boost ever-cheaper renewables. This will create skilled jobs, lower energy bills, tackle the climate crisis and cut our dependence on imported gas, including from Russia.

Can you tell the UK government to enact an Emergency Energy Package now?


To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak

“Deliver an Emergency Energy Package that stops fuelling rising energy bills, the climate crisis and war: 1. Stop buying Russian gas and funding Putin’s war 2. Invest in insulation for homes, replacement boilers and a taskforce of trained experts. 3. Turbo charge renewable energy and upgrade the grid ”

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