UK government: Ban industrial fishing in Marine Protected Areas.

These industrial boats destroy marine life, and leave local fishing communities with nothing left to catch. Unbelievably - huge destructive ships are allowed to fish in UK Marine Protected Areas - they spend thousands of hours fishing in them every year!

They shouldn’t be operating in areas that local fishing boats rely on to make a living, nor areas that are meant to be ocean sanctuaries, protecting vulnerable ecosystems and iconic wildlife like dolphins and porpoises. It's time to put an end to this.

Can you call on the government to protect the UK’s waters and support local fishing communities? It’s time to ban industrial fishing in Marine Protected Areas.

This page has been updated on 16th September to include the emergency declaration by fisherman & Greenpeace in the English Channel & southern North Sea.


To: The UK Government

“Ban supertrawlers and other destructive fishing from the UK’s offshore Marine Protected Areas and stand up for ocean protection.”

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