Tesco: take a stand on Amazon fires

Forest fires have been raging across the Brazilian Amazon region for months already. Scientists say we could be seeing the highest surge in a decade.

Fires are used as a tool by the industrial meat industry to clear vast areas of forest in the Amazon and elsewhere to use for cattle farms and soya plantations.

Some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and fast food chains are complicit: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC are all churning out industrial meat that’s fuelling the destruction of forests. [1]

Tesco uses more soya for animal feed than any supermarket in the UK: they have the power to help break this destructive cycle. Tell Tesco to lead the way in averting disaster.


To: Tesco

“Stop buying from companies owned by JBS - the biggest industrial meat producer in the world, and one of the biggest drivers of Amazon destruction. Replace half the meat you sell with plant-based food by 2025.”

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