Shell: leave the whales alone!

Shell wants to blast extremely loud shockwaves into the Wild Coast of South Africa, a fragile and beautiful ecosystem that is a vital whale breeding ground.

Each shockwave is louder than a space shuttle launch, and local whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles will be subjected to them every 10 seconds, for five months, in whale mating season.

Scientists are clear we cannot drill for more oil and gas and meet our climate targets - and the use of seismic waves could have a devastating impact on the health of marine life. If successful, the operations would also disrupt the local communities that depend on eco-tourism and fishing for their livelihoods.

Thanks to local resistance, Shell has suffered a setback in court and had to halt its blasts for now. But we cannot rest on our laurels - the oil giants is challenging this decision.

We have to keep up the pressure until Shell drops its plans for GOOD!

Tell these climate criminals to stop - please sign and share today.


To: the CEO of Shell

“Don't blast South Africa’s fragile Wild Coast - threatening a diverse ecosystem and precious whale breeding grounds, the fight against climate change, and local communities’ livelihoods.”

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