UK government: No more oil and gas

Boris Johnson wants to encourage companies to keep exploring and drilling for new oil and gas in the North Sea.

The last few months have sent shockwaves through our energy system. We urgently need to push energy bills down and get off Russian oil and gas to weaken Putin. But opening up new North Sea oil and gas projects like Jackdaw won’t help with any of this, and will only drive us deeper into the climate crisis.

Call on the UK government to ban new oil and gas projects in the North Sea like Jackdaw—the government must focus on transforming our wasteful homes with investment in insulation and energy efficiency, increasing our ambition for renewable energy, and supporting oil and gas workers, communities and consumers in the transition to a future powered by renewable energy.


To: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

“Commit to no new oil or gas in the North Sea and support oil and gas workers and communities in the transition towards renewable energy.”

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