UK Government: Protest is not a crime

The Tory government is attacking our democracy. They’ve just passed the Public Order Act 2023 which gives the police unprecedented power to clamp down on peaceful protest.

The new Act allows the police to shut down protests before they even happen and to detain people for having things that could be used to lock themselves to objects or people. It will also massively expand stop and search and arrest powers, which further harms overpoliced communities and people of colour.

Our democratic freedoms have been hard won, but right now are being easily lost - so please act now to defend the right to protest by signing the petition calling on the government to scrap the Public Order Act.

History proves that our right to peaceful protest is one of the best tools we have to change society for the better. So we can’t just sit back and watch the government take it away from us!


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

“Repeal the Public Order Act now.”

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