Priti Patel: Stop your assault on democracy

The government tried to strip away our right to protest, but their plans were shelved because thousands of people and the House of Lords stood up to them and won.

Now Priti Patel is trying to override the will of the people by introducing a new bill that would force through things like Serious Disruption Prevention Orders (basically ASBOs for potential protestors) and crack down on people planning to lock-on - something which is critical to direct action and protest. They also want to widen the net of stop and search, further harming overpoliced communities and people of colour.

They failed to get these plans through once, and it’s down to us to stop them again. Let’s not let them break a fundamental pillar of our democracy by doing the same thing under a different name: tell Priti Patel to drop the Public Order Bill now.


To: Priti Patel, Home Secretary

“We call on the Home Secretary to drop proposals in the Public Order Bill that have already been rejected by the people and Parliament, and to put an end to all attempts to suppress the fundamental right to protest.”

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