UK govt: Fix our broken food system. Slash meat and dairy.

Meat and dairy is the biggest driver of deforestation - and the UK produces way too much of it.

It takes an area the size of nearly two million football pitches to grow the amount of soy that’s fed to UK farm animals each year.

With better land management we can feed more people, provide healthier diets, tackle the climate crisis, and free up vast amounts of land to restore nature.

But the government didn’t even include meat and dairy reduction in their Food Strategy - ignoring calls from their own expert advisors.

Please call on the UK government to reduce meat and dairy 70% by 2030 and ban imports of animal feed that drive deforestation in places like Brazil.


To: Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

“We call on the UK government to reduce meat and dairy production and consumption 70% by 2030, support farmers to transition towards producing food more sustainably and ban the import of animal feed that drives deforestation.”

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