Ban Industrial sandeel fishing

Our UK oceans are under threat, and the precious wildlife that call them home are suffering like never before.

Seabirds like puffins, kittiwakes and other marine life are starving as industrial fishing super trawlers hoover up their food - sandeels!

But we have a vital opportunity to stop this - can you act now to protect ocean wildlife?

The UK Government is deciding whether to end the destructive fishing of sandeels, a vital food source for marine life in English waters. Will you help convince them to take this vital action to protect the oceans?

For years the sandeel fishery has been tearing through incredible habitats off the UK coast, leading Greenpeace to place a boulder barrier on the Dogger Bank in 2020 to try and stop them fishing in some of the most sensitive areas.

Take action now: Sign this petition to get the UK government to ban industrial sandeel fishing in English waters.


To: UK govt

“Ban industrial sandeel fishing in English waters”

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