No new oil: Tell Rishi Sunak to #StopRosebank

The UK government could approve Rosebank, the largest undeveloped oil field in the North Sea.

The climate impacts of Rosebank would be catastrophic, and it won’t lower our bills or secure the UK’s energy supply. A project like Rosebank is designed to make oil giants even richer at our expense.

We’ve seen the effects of the climate crisis - devastating floods across Pakistan, rivers drying up across Europe, and scorching heat in China in the last few months alone. We cannot let it get hotter. Rosebank will only pour more fuel on the fire.

The choice could not be more clear: climate wrecking new oil and gas or investment in renewables, which are now nine times cheaper than gas. Approving new fields like Rosebank only makes us more dependent on expensive, polluting oil and gas for longer, when we can and should be rapidly switching to clean, affordable energy.

The biggest field deserves the biggest fight—add your name to demand the government #StopRosebank.


To: Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak

“Commit to no new North Sea oil and gas licences and permits and invest in the real solutions to the energy and climate crises: renewables and energy efficiency.”

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