Stop sewage pollution

Raw sewage is destroying our beaches, rivers and waterways.

Swimmers have been urged to stay out of the water and our fragile ecosystems are struggling to cope. Our waters have reached crisis point after years of budget cuts and deregulation.

Stripped of funds and power, environmental agencies can’t police these crimes against nature. Sewage monitors at a quarter of our beaches are faulty or non-existent, meaning people could be swimming in human waste without knowing. Every single one of our rivers now fails to meet safety standards, with few deemed to be in 'good health' - this is due to sewage, chemical and agricultural pollution flooding our waterways.

The health of our water is paramount. The government must prioritise safe, clean water - we urgently need more protections so everyone can enjoy our public rivers and beaches, and to preserve our waterways for generations to come.


To: Prime Minister Keir Starmer

“Clean up and protect our beaches, rivers and waterways:
1. Reverse the budget cuts and properly fund environmental agencies
2. Give environmental agencies the legal powers and authority they need to hold water companies to account
3. Set more ambitious legal targets to clean up water in England and Wales than currently planned ”

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