Tell Boris Johnson to protect forests before the Global Climate Conference

In a new, urgent push to protect forests, we’re calling on Boris Johnson and his government to close the loopholes in the Environment Bill to properly protect nature at home and abroad. This includes banning all agricultural commodities linked to deforestation from entering the UK.

Current UK government proposals for a deforestation law in the Environment Bill aim only to ban products linked to ‘illegal’ deforestation, defined according to local laws. This leaves the door wide open for products linked to ‘legal’ deforestation and incentivises producer countries to legalise even more.

On October 20th, the House of Commons will begin to review a final round of amendments to the existing bill. This is a critical time to push the government to close loopholes which would leave UK nature exposed to more destruction, and to tighten the legislation to prevent products linked to deforestation from entering the UK.

Will you call on Boris to strengthen the Environment Bill and protect forests, people and the planet?


To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“Now is the time for bold action to address the climate crisis and show real leadership ahead of COP26. To prevent further forest destruction across Brazil and other countries, you must strengthen the Environment Bill to ban all products linked to deforestation from entering the UK.”

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